• Creating a legacy of hospitality excellence.

  • Building a portfolio of iconic hotels.

  • Creating sustainable and profitable hospitality investments.

    Who We Are

    Glencove Capital is a lifestyle and boutique hospitality investment and advisory company founded by a veteran hotel executive.

    Glyn Aeppel is the Founder, President and CEO of Glencove Capital. Glencove is the only woman-owned and operated hospitality investment firm in the United States.

    Since its founding in 2010, Glencove Capital has invested in hotels, restaurants, and hotel operating brands, all in partnership with high net worth investors and developers.

    With over 35 years of senior global experience in developing hotel brands, Aeppel has sourced, closed and financed real estate investments of well over $3 billion throughout the United States and Europe that have created significant value for shareholders. She spent many years as a senior corporate executive raising capital, asset managing, and investing in hotel companies and assets for major corporations including Marriott, Interstate Hotels, Le Meridien, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts, Loews Hotels and Andre Balazs Properties.

    At Glencove, we achieve strong financial returns for investors through the acquisition, development, or recapitalization of hotel assets, and the investment and scaling of dynamic lifestyle hospitality brands.

    We invest directly with partners: High Net Worth investors, family offices, institutional investors, and private equity funds.

    Our Investment Focus: United States, Europe, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

    • Independent boutique and lifestyle hotels.
    • Dynamic lifestyle brands and operating companies.

    Glencove Capital sources, negotiates, closes and asset manages all acquisitions and developments.

    How We Do


    Identify opportunities

    This involves surveying the market for potential hotel acquisitions, either existing properties or new developments. We will consider factors such as location, brand, condition, and potential upside.


    Conduct due diligence

    Once a potential investment has been identified, we will conduct a thorough due diligence process to assess the property's financial and physical condition. This may involve reviewing financial statements, inspecting the property, and obtaining expert opinions.


    Structure the investment

    Once we decide to proceed with an investment, we will structure the transaction in a way that maximizes returns and minimizes risk. This may involve using a variety of financial instruments, such as debt, equity, and joint ventures.


    Manage the investment

    Once the investment has been closed, we will manage the property on behalf of its investors. This may involve overseeing operations, marketing the property, and making strategic decisions about renovations and upgrades.

    Places We Invest

    United States
    Latin America


    Real Estate Assets

    Glencove Capital’s dedicated team focuses on investing in unique one-of-a-kind lifestyle hotel assets managed by an experienced hotel operating company. We acquire existing cash-flowing assets and also consider highly selective hotel development opportunities in high barrier to entry markets.

    Lifestyle Operators and Brands

    Glencove Capital invests in distinctive lifestyle hospitality operators and brands led by their creative founders with the objective of scaling these companies nationally and internationally.

    Asset Management

    Glencove Capital actively asset manages all investments to protect its investors and the success of its investments.

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